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Vedic Astrology Readings

Are you looking for perspective on your current life experience?

I offer a variety of Jyotish readings including Check-In Readings, Relationship Readings, Natal Readings and Life Update Readings. Check out the details below, and reach out to me if you would like to schedule a reading or would like more info.

Jyotish Readings Available Now

❊ Life Reading: This is a natal chart reading. We will discuss the overall qualities of the natal chart, and also look at the current cycles and major transits, going over the current timeframe and near future. You can also ask questions (I prefer that you do). ($145, 60 – 90 min)

❊ Life Update: We will look in detail at the current trends and cycles in the chart, looking at what is going on now and over the next few years. This is a great followup 6 months to a year after you have done a life reading. You can ask questions! ($145, 60 – 90 min)

❊ Relationship Reading: We will look at the dynamic between two charts and discuss the nature of the relationship between the individuals involved. ($125, 45 – 60 min)

❊ Check-In: We will talk about what is going on right now in the cycles and transits. If you are feeling that life is intense, crazy or overwhelming right now and would like some perspective, this can be a good fit. We will look at current indications and influences, potential areas for growth, and possible suggestions for constructive action or direction. ($65, 20 – 30 min)

❊ One question: We will talk about one question or topic. If you are wondering about one situation, one area of life, or have a specific question about something that is happening for you right now, this can be a good fit. ($65, 20 – 30 min)

Not sure which reading to schedule? Reach out to me and I will help you pick, or we can customize a reading for you. Generally we start with a Life Reading to get a good idea of the overall big picture, and then people come back for updates and/or check-ins as they feel the need in the months/years that follow.

~ Monica

Reach out to me

Please fill out this form to schedule an appointment (let me know what you would like to schedule and I will reach out to you to coordinate), or to request more information.

A note regarding fees for readings … For me this is about being available to help people who can benefit from what I can offer. If you feel like scheduling a session but you cannot afford the fee, please reach out to me and we can discuss options.


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