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Jupiter is Retrograde

A look at Jupiter retrograde from the perspective of Vedic Astrology …

Jupiter Went Retrograde on February 6, 2017

Jupiter has just changed direction from direct to retrograde on February 6, 2017. As Jupiter changes direction, it first gets very slow. The it changes direction, and then gradually picks up speed again. During the 5 days or so before and after the change, it is moving so slowly it is considered stationary.

I noticed a lot of people feeling very challenged during the time Jupiter was stationary. When a planet is changing direction like this, it can feel like the energy is backing up. Each of us would experience this differently, depending on the nature of our own charts and cycles. Saturn and Jupiter are both slow moving planets, so their changes take a long time — several days or several weeks. We generally feel these changes more intensely than we do with the quicker moving planets that change in a day or a few days.

an image of the planet Jupiter

In Vedic Astrology, Jupiter represents wisdom, knowledge, grace, hope, teachings, teachers, mentors, spiritual leaders.

In Vedic Astrology, Jupiter represents
areas of life such as wisdom, knowledge, grace, hope, teachings, teachers, mentors, spiritual leaders. Jupiter can be a great uplifting influence in chart, bringing positivity, hope and grace to things that would otherwise be difficult.

Jupiter was Stationary January 31 to February 11, 2017

During the time that Jupiter was stationary and changing direction, many of us felt a sense of the Jupiter energy “backing up” and not flowing property. Jupiter often brings grace and an uplifting influence in a chart, and during the stationary time I think for many people it felt like that grace was just not there. I received a lot of distress calls during this time, people feeling disconnected, not understood, depressed, having accidents, etc. (Of course the influences vary, depending on people’s own charts — some people were feeling fine or even fabulous.)

During times like this, if we are having a hard time, it is important to be gentle with ourselves, take some quiet time, be careful and pay attention, and do those things that nurture our inner selves.

Jupiter in Sandhi

Jupiter was moving backward through the last degree of Virgo, this is called sandhi. It is a transition time and can feel confusing as the planet settles from one sign to another. Jupiter passed through that last degree on February 11.

It is important to remember, how we feel during these events really depends on our own chart. For some people it can be challenging, but for other people it can really be fine, and even fabulous. So don’t ever assume that something is universally difficult – it really depends on each person’s own chart and cycles.

Saturn’s Aspect to Jupiter

Saturn has just recently changed signs, moving from Scorpio to Sagittarius. During the change it has been moving through a phase called “gandhanta”. (I’ve discussed this before here:

Time to “Take a Moment” .) As I’ve said before, this is a big transitory time.

From Saturn’s new position in Sagittarius it is now aspecting Jupiter. Saturn’s aspect can bring a sense of pressure, and also possibly fear and worry – so the grace and hope coming via the Jupiter influence can be colored by this Saturn aspect.

Thoughts on Jupiter Retrograde

Jupiter will be retrograde until June 9, when it will return to direct motion. Jupiter will be stationary for 5 days or so on either side of that transition.

While Jupiter is retrograde, it brings a strong energy of reflection or turning inward in regards to Jupiter related issues. Our belief systems, our teachers, what we know—we may feel compelled to look at these things and evaluate them (as we are feeling reflective), maybe feel the need for some changes or refinements. We may look to the past, reviewing past experiences, past teachers, beliefs from our past. Also, this tendency to reflection, this can be nurturing right now. It’s like we are tending to that Jupiter-ness, and when it goes direct again will be more of a time for outward direction, and putting our ideas/ beliefs/ teachings into action.

Jupiter is currently in the sign of Virgo. This brings a practicality (because Virgo is an earth sign) and an inward reflective tendency (because Virgo is a feminine sign … and this is in addition to the inward/ reflective pull from the retrograde motion). So I expect that during this Jupiter retrograde time, as we reflect and revisit the Jupiter areas of our lives ( our beliefs, our teachers, what we know, etc.) we may be picky about the details of these areas. In a practical way we may feel inclined to get these details to line up and fit together in ways that really feel comfortable to us.

Are you curious how Jupiter retrograde affects you specifically? When we evaluate the effect of a transit like this, here are some of the things we consider:

  • Your rising sign so we see which house Jupiter is transiting now, and which houses and planets Jupiter will aspect from the transit position.
  • Your moon, and we consider the position in relation to the moon
  • Your current cycles – whether there is a Jupiter cycle currently, or whether the planets ruling the cycles are affected by Jupiter

Jupiter Goes Direct in June, 2017

On June 9 2017, Jupiter will change from retrograde to direct, and 5 days or so prior to that and after that it will be stationary. If you had a difficult time during the Jupiter stationary period in early February, I would suggest you be aware of the coming change in early June. Try to take some quiet time, be careful and pay attention, and do those things that nurture your inner self.

If you would like to talk about how Jupiter retrograde specifically affects your own chart  from the perspective of Vedic Astrology, reach out to me to schedule an appointment.



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