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Saturn moves into Sagittarius

Time to “Take a Moment”

Saturn, Shani, has just moved from Scorpio into Sagittarius. If you can take a moment to be still, to find your inner silence and just be there, it is an excellent time to do this.

As Saturn is changing signs, it is also moving through a phase called “gandhanta”. This happens when the signs change (Scorpio to Sagittarius) and the nakshatras change as well (Jyeshta to Mula in this case). My experience of gandhanta is that it is like a void, and as the planet moves through that space its vibration is not felt in the external world, but only felt at the deepest levels. I know this is an esoteric observation, and maybe other astrologers would not agree with my description, but it is what I have observed and experienced.

For people who have Saturn as a primary influence, like chart lord or lord of their Moon for example, they may feel like their source of power or vitality just disappeared. Like they were unplugged. If that happened to you, I would suggest taking some time for silence, to really settle into your own stillness, because as you settle that is how you can reconnect with that energy. It is still around, it is just very subtle.

And for everyone, it is a profound time to be silent. To take a moment. To be still. To meditate. To pray. To just be.


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