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Thank you to the beautiful souls who have reached out to me for help and given me the opportunity to do something I love so much! Here is some feedback I have received from some of these amazing people … (If you would like to submit a testimonial, you can use the form at the bottom of this page.) ❤️  Monica

Testimonials for Vedic Astrology Readings

I’ve had many Jyotish consultations over the years, and Monica’s was by far the best. She has a vast and detailed knowledge of the art and science of Jyotish. But she also has a deep, holistic understanding of all the components that go into an individual life. She didn’t talk in terms of ‘auspicious’ or ‘inauspicious’ influences. She helped me see the unique value of every planet, and every phase, in my chart. She also helped me see how all the pieces fit together and make me the person I am. Everything she said really resonated. I came away feeling very empowered, with a deeper understanding of who I am.

Today I received a Jyotish reading from Monica Hayward. The reading was thorough, knowledgeable, heartfelt and informative. At one point during her consult I had to interrupt to share how impressed I was – her words and insight were like art/poetry somehow … so fluid and intuitive. I am new to Jyotish which is seemingly complex with many detailed variables. Monica did an excellent job of explaining the intricacies in a way that was clear and digestible. The reading was affirming and relatable to my life in all aspects including family, career, health and Spirituality. I would highly recommend Monica’s services – you’ll probably make a friend in the process. ~ KK


Monica’s enthusiasm, clarity and insight made her reading of my Jyotish chart both informative and charming. Her easy understanding and explanation of the complex relationships within one’s chart brought a universe of confusing terms and sub periods into a useful focus of understanding allowing me to incorporate this illumination of inner and outer life into positive action. ~ GS


Testimonials for Intuitive Sessions

Dear Monica,

Thank you for the amazing session last night; your ability to zero in on my issues was amazing and it felt so right on and so honest. Your compassion and insight was just what I needed to hear and to feel, and I did. I feel both 10 lbs lighter and 10 years younger! I was especially grateful for your intuition and guidance; it just all felt so right on. I have already practiced your suggestions and the results have been amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me. I look forward to reaping the benefits as I move forward with these amazing tools.

With gratitude,


A session with Monica is like a soothing balm for the soul. Lofty words, but when it is time for guidance you want to trust the “guidance counselor” with your tender feelings and desires. Monica has a lot of arrows in her quiver: lively intuition, a keen intellect, and in-depth knowledge of astrology–with a serious dose of life experience thrown in for good measure.

I discovered Monica possibly at one of the lowest points of my life – February 2013. Quite literally out of the blue she reached out to me. She and I were friends from 25 years earlier. Yet as a fact, we had not any contact for over 19 years prior to February 2013. This underscores, in my humble opinion, her natural and innate ability to sense a soul in distress. And in this case, she was in Hawaii and I was in Chicago!

Monica was able to very subtly turn my attention back to spirit, or to my soul, or to the quietest place within me. I feel her intuitive guidance subtly returned me to my true quest for enlightenment. No person, guru or teacher can “give” freedom to another, in my view. Having said that, a person like Monica might be able to redirect one to their true calling, given her deep intuitive abilities.

I would highly recommend Monica for any seeker in need of guidance. Her delicate and deeply caring nature will feel like Aloe Vera for your heart …

Monica has a special ability to listen with her entire heart, and give gentle guidance from a place of compassion. Her intuition and keen intellect combined with personal experience and expertise, helped me greatly during the most challenging times of my life. She’s a compassionate soul with tremendous wisdom – I’m tremendously grateful for her insights.



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