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Vedic Astrology Check-In Reading


Please see the description below for information about the Vedic Astrology Check-In.

How to schedule your Jyotish reading

To order your appointment now,  just click “Add to Cart” below, and go through the checkout process. When I receive your order I will reach out to you to schedule your appointment time and arrange for you to send the topic you would like to discuss.

If you have questions before scheduling your appointment, reach out to me first and we can connect, and then I will schedule your appointment time and arrange for payment. You can email me at, or just fill out the form on the contact Monica page.


What is going on right now?

In the Vedic Astrology check-in, we will take a look at what is going on in your chart right now.

Many people reach out to me with the question, “my life is crazy and intense right now, what is happening?” or “what is going on now?” When I look at their charts, there is a lot of intensity and activity around the current cycles and transits in the chart.

In the Vedic Astrology Check-In we will look at the current dasa and subperiod(s), and also the current transits, and discuss the influences and indications, as well as possible activities or directions of focus in life that can be helpful and productive at this time. In other words, we will talk about what is going on now.

Prior to doing this reading, it is best, but not required, that you have already had a full natal reading to get a broad perspective on your chart.

This is a 20 -30 minute reading and can be done on the phone or skype, or I can make a recording and send it to you. As an alternative, if you can not connect to talk, I can type up notes and send them to you.

Please note: To do this reading, you will need to provide your birth information, including time, place and date of birth. It is important that your birth time comes from an accurate source, preferably a birth certificate. If you are not sure of your birth information, please contact me before scheduling an appointment.

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