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My Story

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I have been a seeker for as long as I can remember. As a child I was very philosophical. I read a lot (we didn’t have TV) and I read books that looked into spiritual topics and the greater meaning of life. I started writing and journaling very young (age 6) and pondered things like past lives, what we are doing here, where we are going, and how and why things are the way they are. I also prayed a lot, not influenced by any particular religious instruction, but just because it resonated for me.

I started a meditation practice at the age of 3 – my parents were teachers of Transcendental Mediation (TM). I was raised with TM and a variety of Eastern teachings and philosophies, which were mixed with influences from many other sources (Jewish grandparents, friends of other persuasions, books, etc.).

Growing up, I was always a person who friends came to for advice. I didn’t really understand why they came to me, but word was out that if you had life questions, you could go knock on Monica’s door.

When I was in my late teens, I was going through a very difficult time. I had experienced a challenging relationship with a sad breakup, and I was heartbroken. One day a friend told me that he talked to angels and that he saw the angels around me and they had a message for me. They wanted me to know that they didn’t want me to be sad and that when I was older, I would be psychic. He said they said specifically I would become psychic when I was 26.

I found all that reassuring, but also kind of weird.

Then several years later, at the age of 26, I had a series of experiences that let to me having much more clarity and understanding of my own vision and subtle experience.

Seeing the subtle …

I don’t really care for the word psychic. That word makes me think of the stereotypical image of the turbaned psychic with a crystal ball, who may or may not be authentic. I don’t use a crystal ball. I don’t often see the future, although I do sometimes see the potential of where someone is headed.

What I see very clearly is the present. I see what I would describe as the layers in and around a person, the subtle things in a person’s being or field that are affecting that person’s experience in life. I also sometimes see solutions to problems. When people come to me with a problem, and ask for help, I may see what is causing or influencing that situation, and/or I may see something that will help to solve the situation.

Other people with broad subtle vision have used the word clairvoyant to describe my experience, so maybe that is a better word. For me, I feel like saying this:

  • I can see people’s stories.
  • I can see what people carry around them.
  • I can see what is helping and what is hindering.
  • Sometimes I can see solutions.
  • I can see what can help, what someone can do to help them find their way.

And the thing for me with all this, it is a joy when I am able to genuinely help someone. That is really my joy.

On a side note, I have seen teachers comment that they do not want to be called by people who are in spiritual crisis. For me, however, I have found that spiritual crisis is often something I can help with. When people are stuck and confused and very overwhelmed, I can help them get to the other side of it.

What to expect in a reading …

When I do a reading of a Vedic Astrology chart, I am looking at the story of that person, and the influences that are active during their lifetime. A natal reading will go through the overall qualities of a persons chart, getting a general look at the whole picture. We will look at qualities of the individual, both external and internal (they are different influences in the chart), and also particular influences and trends that are occurring now. I may suggest practices or remedies that could help to bring improvement to difficulties. One thing to keep in mind is that I will always look for the light. Even if things are difficult and feel heavy, I will never tell someone “you have a horrible chart and your life is just really going to be bad.” I believe there is always something to be done to help, to uplift, and to bring light, and if needed I will work to find suggestions for those things based on the chart.

When I work with people, I don’t make people’s choices for them. I offer guidance, and do my best to help people get to a place where they feel more clear and can make decisions.

If you come to me for help, I am probably not going to tell you to say with your significant other or leave them. Or to stay at your job or quit it. What I can do is more to help you get to a balanced place where YOU can more clearly see the option that feels best for you. Also I may be able to see who or where you can turn to for help with whatever you need to do.

While I think of spiritual questions being the most important, I have also found I can help people with more practical matters. Sometimes people will ask me very practical business questions, like what they can do to improve or grow their business, and I can clearly see some possible actions that could be helpful. I have seen people have very good results by going with my suggestions. (Sometimes people just ignore my suggestions, and that is fine too.)

Ultimately, I would like to help people align with their highest path, whatever that may be. Along the way, if I can help with happiness, success in relationships, and harmony and balance in life, that is great too.

I have found that generally if people feel to reach out to me for help, then I can help them. So if you feel like I can help you, I probably can.

If you would like to reach out to me for a reading, you can schedule an appointment here.

Other practical information …

Over the years I have studied many spiritual systems and methodologies that help with growth and healing. I hold Level 1 and Level 2 certifications in Vedic Astrology from the American Academy of Vedic Art and Science.  I am a trained and certified Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner. I have a working knowledge of a variety of systems including Ayur Veda, flower essences, herbs, and others.

I currently live in Iowa, and previously lived in Hawaii for many years. One thing I loved in Hawaii was being near the ocean — I have always loved the ocean, and some of my earliest visions came to me in my childhood by the ocean in New England. I am a mother, and I am convinced that the love a parent feels for a child is the most profound and beautiful life experience. I was born the day before summer solstice, a long time ago.

I have always felt that the most important thing in life is love, that ultimately love is the driving force in life. For me, that is what this is all about – helping all of us connect to that deep and endless source of love. ♥

♥ ♥ ♥