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Intuitive Sessions

Ideally we are all self sufficient, but sometimes we need a little help. Are you feeling …

  • like you are stuck and you feel like you need guidance to find your way?
  • like you have questions about the choices you are facing?
  • like you feel lost, confused, or overwhelmed?
  • like you feel like you have lost your LIGHT?

These are some of the reasons people call me for help.

What to expect …

When I work with people, I don’t make people’s choices for them. I offer guidance, and do my best to help people get to a place where they feel more clear and can make decisions.

If you come to me for help, I am probably not going to tell you to say with your significant other or leave them. Or to stay at your job or quit it. What I can do is more to help you get to a balanced place where YOU can more clearly see the option that feels best for you. Also I may be able to see who or where you can turn to for help with whatever you need to do.

While I think of spiritual questions being the most important, I have also found I can help people with more practical matters. Sometimes people will ask me very practical business questions, like what they can do to improve or grow their business, and I have clear visions of what would help them. I have seen people have very good results by going with my suggestions. (Sometimes people just ignore my suggestions, and that is fine too.)

Ultimately, I would like to help people align with their highest path, whatever that may be. Along the way, if I can help with happiness, success in relationships, and harmony and balance in life, that is great too.

I have found that generally if people feel to reach out to me for help, then I can help them. So if you feel like I can help you, I probably can.

Session details

I offer intuitive sessions over the phone. A normal session takes about an hour.

To schedule an appointment, please contact me, and I will arrange the details with you.



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